Communication between parent-child processes using two pipes with C on Linux

I’m building a system that a system that adds spatial query capabilities on top of RDF-3X, which is a storage and query engine for RDF data. I want to write a layer on top of RDF-3x that takes RDF query involving spatial relationships, rewrite the query, and submit the rewrite queries to the underlying RDF-3x query interface. The design is that RDF-3x query interface will run as a process, and my layer will run as another process that calls the query interface as needed.

Setting Up PHP Development Environment Using Eclipse PDT and Zend Server CE

I’m setting up a PHP development environment on my Mac. I’d like to develop some web applications using the Yii Framework. I’m fairly new to PHP development. I’m looking for an environment that allow me to edit and debug my PHP scripts.

LinkedGeoData Datasets

Geo-tagged RDF datasets from

Download File on Linux over SSH without Active Shell

I’m trying to download a few pretty large dataset onto a Linux machine at school using SSH on my Mac from home. I’m using wget to get the files as follows:

Installing ASP.NET on Ubuntu with Mono

Note: an updated post can be found here.