Map Tools

Draw Circle on Google Maps and Google Earth

NUnit for MonoDevelop

In the previous post, I wrote about installing MonoDevelop on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. This post will be about installing NUnit integration for MonoDevelop.

Install MonoDevelop on Ubuntu

This environment is intended for my spatial RDF store project. The underlying triple store (rdf3xquery) runs on Ubuntu, and my spatial integration are written in C#.

CSV Parser

Black Belt Coder CSV Parser

Setup TF2 Dedicated Server (Windows)

Steps to setup a dedicated TF2 server on Windows 7 machine.

RDF-3X (0.3.7) SPARQL Support

Source code of RDF-3X can be obtained from RDF-3X Google Code Repository.

Yago Data Set

Yago Data Set

XPathNavigator and Geocoding

For past week I have been working on a web scraper for the spatial semantic web project. I needed some test data sets of places with location attributes (latitude and longitude) to populate our data store and can later be queries with our system. Since spatial data sets are not easy to find, I decided to write a scraper to get some POI data of gas stations in a region from some websites. The data set I obtained are only from research and testing and purposes and no way used commercially.

Permission for code generation using Gii

I’m setting up my Dislikes application and using Yii’s Gii to generate my models and controllers, but I’m getting the following errors: