ASP.NET Mono "Missing method .ctr in assembly"

I’m trying to run one of my research ASP.NET application on Ubuntu Linux using Mono. The machine I’m running on previously had Mono and mod_mono installed on it. This is the error message I got from running locally.

Installing ASP.NET on Ubuntu with Mod_Mono Autoconfig

In the previous post, Installing ASP.NET on Ubuntu with Mono, I outlined the step of enabling ASP.NET application on Apache using mod_mono without autoconfig. This post provides steps for configuring mod_mono autoconfig targeting ASP.NET 4. This post overlaps and supersedes the previous article.

SQLite 3 Management Software for Mac OS X

Due to its simplicity of design, I’ve decided to use SQLite on one of my web application project. The simplicity of SQLite means I can easily create multiple version of a database, such as a version for unit testing purposes, and when I need to move my database, all I have to do is copy the database file, since SQLite database is only ONE file.

GeoStore Web Client

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on the client side of my research project. To recap, the research is to integrate geospatial query filtering capabilities into RDF triple stores and I’m using RDF-3X as the backend triple store. The preview few entries (1, 2) are about the server part of the system where our idea of integrating and evaluating spatial capabilities are implemented. The server is mostly done, so I’ve moved to the client part, which submits a query to the server and obtain the results.

Now and Forever

Title Now and Forever
Artist Richard Marx
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GeoStore Server Spatial Filter with Variable Parameters

This is an update post on the spatial semantic web GeoStore project. I have made significant progress on the project and the server part (the part that evaluate queries) had reached a milestone and I have implemented all intended queries which are window query, range query, and nearby (knn) query. These queries are explained in this previous post.

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GeoStore Spatial Filters Types

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve still been working on my research project of integrating spatial filters into RDF3X triple store. In particular, I’ve been working on the server side of the project, which takes queries from the client side, analyze and execute them, and return result back to the client. For my convenience of referencing the project, I decided to call it “GeoStore”, instead of “Spatial Function Triple Store Integration” (Ins’t that easier?).