New GTA Orientation

Today’s pretty interesting: I attended the new graduate teaching assistant (GTA) orientation. Since I started graduate school here at Auburn, I’ve been working as GRA and the coming Fall semester will be my first semester working as GTA, and this is the first time I attend the GTA orientation.

Taiwan Trip 2012

This is a post about the trip I took to Taiwan during June and July this year. I really should have made the entries as they occurred, but I guess I got lazy during the trip :)

Moved Out of Magnolia Studios

After coming back from Taiwan trip, I have been unpacking then packing again for the move. I officially moved out of Magnolia Studios (G-5) today. I’m currently staying in Montgomery until the new apartment in Auburn is ready for moving in next week. I’ve live in MS for more than 2 years, since January of 2012.

Casio Privia PX-130 Digital Piano

My friend is moving out of his apt tomorrow to go back to Taiwan. We’ve talked before about if he decided not to ship his digital piano back, then I’d buy it for $200. Yesterday he decided that it costs too much for the shipping so today I bought his digital piano.

Enabling Apache SymLinks on Mac OS X

Recently my two-and-half year old MacBook Pro has been a little unstable with a few crashes where I had to hard reset to reboot the computer. I have Windows 7 installed using Bootcamp on one partition and sometimes I play I/O intensive games on this computer and I’m not surprised that the crashes are caused by wear and tear of the hard drive due to age.

GeoStore Web Client on GitHub

Today I decided to create a GitHub repository for the GeoStore Web Client project. The reason I create a repository is because I want to integrate Twitter Bootstrap into the interface, but I don’t want to loose what I have now if the integration runs into problem. The easiest way is to create a GitHub repository and create a branch for the integration. The new repository can be found here

Setting up Xdebug for Eclipse PDT on Mac OS X

In the previous post, I outline the steps to configure Zend Debugger debugging PHP application in Eclipse PDT. Unfortunately past couple of weeks I had problem making the debugger to break execution on my break points. I believe part of the problem is the complexity of the Zend debugger and that it’s misconfigured. I decided to give another popular debugger for PHP a try: Xdebug.

Web Host Changed

During the past weekend, I’ve switched my web host to Thanks to my friend Brian for helping me migrating all my files and databases to the new host. I also apologize for any comments that are lost during this migration.

ASP.NET Mono Application Deployment Checklist

1. Use the latest Mono Framework

Upgrading Mono and Mod_Mono

I’ve been trying to run one of my research ASP.NET application on Ubuntu. I kept getting an error some very obscure error message that says "Warning **: Missing method .ctor [..]" (for the entire message see this post. After long research on the web, I found that my mono installation is out of date and my application is written in .NET Framework 4.