Ubuntu 12.10 Gnome Remix on Ubuntu 10.04

Today I install Ubuntu 12.10 Gnome Remix using VirtualBox 4.2.10 on my Ubuntu 10.04. The result was surprisingly good. I’ve recently try to install Ubuntu 12.10 with Unity and the performance was horrible. The performance of Ubuntu 12.10 with Gnome on virtual machine is not bad

jQuery EasyUI

I am working on a web application using PHP and Yii. I was looking for some user interface components and I found jQuery EasyUI, http://www.jeasyui.com/index.php. Even though I did not use these components in my project this time, they look really nice and I plan to take a closer look in the future.

PHP Array Passed by Value

Apparently arrays in PHP are passed by value, not by reference as you would intuitively think. To illustrate, consider the following snippet of PHP code:

XDebug on Ubuntu 10.04

In the previous post, I noted how to setup XDebug on MacOSX. My MacBook is broken, and I switching my PHP development to my Ubuntu environment. I have to admit, my Ubuntu system is a bit old runing 10.04 LTS.

Career Expo Feb 2013

I went to a Career Expo today at Auburn University Hotel. I truly enjoyed talking to recruiters of different companies and learn about the projects they are working on and also got some interesting souvenirs LOL.

Software Construction Batch Compile Script

I have been working on a bash shell script lately to batch compile assignment program submissions for the software construction (C++) course. Before batch compile though, I have down all the student submissions. I found that Canvas, the new student submission system, made it easier; all I have to do is click on download all submission and the system would bundle all submission into one zip file and files according to student name.

Spring 2013 Semester

The new semester started on Jan 9, 2013. It’s a great start of new semester after having much fun taking a trip to West Virginia to ski (at Wisp), and celebrating Ne Year at Philadelphia. I was definitely refreshed at the beginning new year.

Fall 2012

It’s been a while since my last post. One of the reason that I haven’t posted in a while is that the Fall 2012 semester was one of the busiest semester for a long time. It is also my first semester to work as TA, so I get to learn to take care of students and grade assignments. It is also one of the reason I’ve been so busy.

New Semester, New Apartment

I’ve moved into the new apartment in Auburn on Glenn Ave today (see entry on moving out). Everything went smoothly and ready for the start of a new semester on 16th.