SSH and SCP Server on Ubuntu

Installing SSH and SCP server on Ubuntu is very easy. The only package that is needed is ssh. This is done on Ubuntu 13.04.

Auburn-Opelika Airshow 2013

Today I went to the Auburn-Opelika Airshow at the Auburn Regional Airport. This is the first time I been to this small airport.

LAMP Development Environment Setup

LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. This article summarizes how to install and configure Apache2, PHP 5, MySQL on Ubuntu 13.04

Ubuntu Upgrade 10.04 to 13.04

After 3 years running Ubunt 10.04, today I finally updated the Ubuntu machine in my office (ilab-ubuntu) to the latest release 13.04. One of the reason I upgrade is to support my projects. The software on this machine is getting dated and I want to upgrade my PHP to support phpUnit. I also installed Cinnamon to replace Unity desktop environment. I installed Cinnamon through the Ubuntu Software Center. The version I find here is cinnamon 1.7.4-1, but the latest version I see on Cinnamon website is Cinnamon 1.6.7, Nemo 1.1.2. Does anyone know why?

Optical Illusions

Square Circle Spiral Illusion:

Short Circuit 5K 2013

Ran College of Engineering Short Circuit 5K today. This is my first competitive running. The fastest guy is around 19 minutes. I finished 25:44.

Setting up debugger in PHPStorm 6

This post summarizes the steps to setup debugging using Xdebug for PHP in PHPStorm 6 (one of the best PHP IDE). This post is a more comprehensive version of this previous post.

Install Git on Ubuntu

1. Add PPA repository
Official Ubuntu software repository usually do not have the latest version of software packages (in this case git). Personal Package Archives (PPA) are maintained by the developer of a specific software, therefore usually have the latest version. To get the latest version of git, add PPA for git to software sources as follows:

Cinnamon for Ubuntu 12.10

During the past week, I have been thinking about updating the Linux machine in my office from Ubuntu 10.04 to the latest version (as of now it’s 12.10). I don’t particularly like the new desktop environment name Unity that came with Ubuntu distribution. I am fairly cautious about updating this particular machine since it’s currently hosting some important project and I use it frequently for work (mostly PHP development, and C++ grading for my class). So for the past week, I have been looking for a better desktop environment to replace unity. The following are the criteria I am looking for:

Friend Went Home

I guess college is like this: there are always people coming and leaving. I remember last time my friend went home. Once again, a friend went home today, a bitter sweet moment. I wish her safe journey home and have a wonderful new beginning in Taiwan!