Blowin' In The Wind - Chords in C

Blowin’ In The Wind
Original Lyrics by Bob Dylan
In key of C

PHP Objects Passed By Reference

In a previous post, I mentioned that arrays in PHP are passed by value.ce,

JavaScript UI Components

This post contains a list of JavaScript UI Components, in addition to jQuery UI Components.

Killing Fire Ants with Rice

In my experience, grounded uncooked rice (rice flour) does kill fire ants that eat it. I don’t know how it works but I’m guess ants can’t digest rice. But I don’t think it’s strong enough to kill an entire colony.

Church of Highlands Video Production Volunteer

Today is the first Sunday I volunteer in the Video and Sound Production Team at the Church of Highlands. I woke up around 5:30 am and arrived at church at 6 am. A few team members showed me how to set up and videos and lyrics for the day’s service and get ready for the band rehearsal at 6 am.

Yii 1.1 Active Record and Database Primary Key

When using SQL database using Yii, the framework’s implementation of active records (CActiveRecord class) is often used to create model class of the database. The active record implementation has really nice features to manipulate the data. However the following are the things to keep in mind when working with Yii’s database management framework.

PHPUnit for Yii 1.1 - Update

Recently, I have been working on the MDPX project which uses Yii 1.1 Framework. I have already written about installing PHPUnit for Yii 1.1 in another post. Today followed the steps in the previous post. PHPUnit installed fine, but there it gives me errors when I run my unit tests. After some research, I found there are some addition packages I need to install.

Church of Highlands Band Audition

Today I auditioned with the worship band of The Church of Highlands Auburn. Met a few people in the practice group (the Infuse). I never actually played with a full band with drums, keyboard, electric, guitar, base. They also have so many sound equipment. I was definitely nervous, and the earpiece that goes into one piece of their equipment (the Aviom) keeps falling off.

Install Django Framwork on Ubuntu using Pip

Installing Django on Ubuntu 13.04 using pip. This version of Django requires Python 2.6.5 or higher 1.