New Theme

Today I’ve been updating the theme (look and feel) on this blog. The old theme was the darker LightWord. I decided to build my own theme this time (my first time), to make the site exactly the way I wanted. The new is built from the old theme, with heavily modified CSS.

Allow MySQL User From Any Host

Recently I have made a few new instances of MySQL server for my research. I have created a database and a user for the database, and I want to be able to access the database from any computer via that user. The following is the command I used.

Install Ruby on Rails on Ubuntu 13.10 Server

Note the following is done is Bash shell.

MySQL Recursive Procedure

I’m trying to write a recursive stored procedure or function to auto-generate large amount of hierarchical (tree) data for dissertation experiment.

Shortcut Keys

Google Chrome

Install Ubuntu 13.10

I was trying to uninstall MySQL Workbench from the Ubuntu 13.04 machine at school and accidentally corrupted the entire system.

Ubuntu Software Bundle Python Script

The following script installs the software packages I use in Ubuntu 13.10.

Install OpenJDK 7 on Ubuntu

Open JDK is the open source version of Java 7 environment. The following commands installs the runtime environment (JRE), the development environment (JDK), and browser plugin.

Install Fish Shell on Ubuntu

Fish shell is a modern command shell that offers great features. One of my favorite is that fish will parse man pages and provide command hints as you type a command. More about fish shell can be found at

Passed Rock Climbing Verification

During the past couple of weeks, I have been trying out rock climbing at the new student recreational center at Auburn. I really enjoy the activity so far and it is a really good workout for the arms, especially the forearm. I also never have so many scrapes and bruises on my knee in my life.