Four Letter Word Game

I created a game, Four Letter Word, from a course assignment. The game can be found at It looks like a normal word guessing game, but under the hood, it tries to dodge your guesses and reports the guesses are wrong as much as it can without revealing this fact and making the game predictable.

SPARQL Brush for Crayon Syntax Highlighter

This is a syntax brush I have created for the SPARQL for the Crayon Syntax Highlighter. The brush recognizes the following elements:

Ubuntu 14.04 Brightness Control Issue

The latest version of Ubuntu with long term support (LTS) 14.04 came out in April and users are starting to report minor problems. One of the issues is the problem of adjusting screen brightness on notebook computers. In this article, we report a solution for this problem.

Likewise Open Change Default User Shell

In the past week, I’ve been configuring a Ubuntu 14.04 computer to allow user to log in using their credentials stored in a Active Directory server on our network.

CSS Float Explained

There are often a bit of mystery on how CSS float work and how they are rendered. Float is a CSS property with the values left, right, none, or inherit. When the property is not set, the value is inherited from the parent element.

Fourteen Theme

It’s the end of Spring 2014 semester and I no longer have to teach students on Tuesday and Thursday. Recently I’ve been getting back to working on the theme design, called Fourteen, I started a few months ago that I noted in the previous post. Though still a work-in-progress, it is finally at a point where I can use it. I applied the theme to my blog tonight and what you’re looking at is the fruit of labors (and love).

Lubuntu 14.04 Wireless Network Manager

Yesterday I did a fresh install of the latest of Lubuntu 14.04 on my HP netbook. Initially, I have used Lubuntu 13.04.

Ubuntu Live USB Persistence For UEFI

What is nice about recent Ubuntu distribution is that you can create a bootable USB drive from the downloaded image and run Ubuntu directly from the USB drive without installing it (Live USB). When you’re creating the bootable drive, you often have the choice of data persistence across live session. Without persistence option enable, the files create and packages installed on the file system / will be lost next time you boot into the system using the USB drive. With persistence, these settings will be saved.

MediaWiki Keypress Style

The following are the list of customizations for Shortwiki to have Keypress style of Wikipedia. These should probably be checked into a source control, but I just started working on this project, and MediaWiki, so I’m just jotting down some notes. I’ll organize theses more after I get a feeling of how MediaWiki work.

Bicycle to Tuskegee

Today I and friends rode our bicycle from Auburn to Tuskegee and back. We started out around 9 am at Shelby Center and departed soon after. Howard and Kang have rented their gears, very nice road bikes and helmets, from the Outdoor Center of Auburn University Recreational Center. Zhitao rented a mountain bike from the same place. I rode my own mountain bike.