Java Boolean Expressions

Java’s arithmetic operators, such as +, -, *, /, perform calculations on numeric data types and return a numeric value and are the building blocks of arithmetic expressions. In this article, we cover another category of operations that perform logical comparisons. Logical operators are the building blocks of boolean expressions, which can be evaluated to a boolean value that is either true or false.

Java Arithmetic Operators

In this article we are going to cover an easy topics of arithmetic operators and expressions in Java. Arithmetic is the basic calculation of numbers using operators (like addition and subtraction). An arithmetic expression is a mathematical formula that can be evaluated to numeric value and consists of operands (numbers and variables) and operators.

Java Classes and Objects

You may have heard that Java is an object-oriented programming language (OOP), but what exactly does that mean? This means that Java supports the concept of objects and a program consists of a collection of objects interacting with each other.

Java Data and Data Types 2

In the previous article, Java Data and Data Types, common data types are introduced. Programmers use these types to define variables to track states of a program (for example, car speed). In this article, we study Java data types in more detail and explain two broad categories in Java’s type system, primitive and references types, and how they are represented in memory.

Java Help

Basic Java Programming

Java Data and Data Types

In Java, every variable have a type. The reason for variable types is that different kind of data require different amount of memory. For example, a boolean variable can only have 1 of 2 values: true or false; therefore, ideally, we only need 1 bit of memory for this type. In contrast, an integer variable can have large number of values, so we many need multiple bytes of memory.

Installing Yii 2 Using Composer

Today I decided to try to install and write a simple web app using the beta version of Yii Framework 2. I have used Yii Framework 1.1 in a previous project and I liked it, so want to see what version 2 has to offer. My source of documentation is the official definitely guide, which is also in non-fished stage.

Java Program Basic Structure

This article covers the basic structure of a Java program. The concepts that will be covered in this article are: classes, methods, variables, and basic output.

Git Ignore File Only in Current Directory

I have a paper written in LaTex and I use pdflatex to compile the paper directly to a PDF file. In addition, I have figures also in PDF format stored in a sub-folder of the main project. I don’t want Git to version my output PDF file, but I do want my PDF figures to be tracked.

Java Variables

In First Step in Java, we covered how to get started on writing programs using Java. This article introduces a fundamental concept in computer programming: variables.