Given an integer array, find a subarray where the sum of numbers is zero. Your code should return the index of the first number and the index of the last number.


Given [-3, 1, 2, -3, 4], return [0, 2] or [1, 3].

public class Solution {
     * @param nums: A list of integers
     * @return: A list of integers includes the index of the first number 
     *          and the index of the last number
    public ArrayList<Integer> subarraySum(int[] nums) {
        //A map that maps sum -> index
        HashMap<Integer, Integer> map = new HashMap<Integer, Integer>();
        //The list to be returned
        ArrayList<Integer> res = new ArrayList<Integer>();
        //Running sum
        int sum = 0;
        for(int i = 0; i < nums.length; i++) {
            sum += nums[i];
            //If the sum is 0, we found the zero-sum subarray.
            if(sum == 0) {
                return res;
            //If the current sum is already in the HashMap, that means the
            //subarray between the index we last encountered this sum and
            //i is a zero-sum subarray. Because the sum of this subarray
            //has no effect (0), so we get the same sum.
            if(map.containsKey(sum)) {
                res.add(map.get(sum) + 1);
                return res;
            //The map does not contain the sum. Add the current sum to the
            map.put(sum, i);
        return res;