It’s the end of Spring 2014 semester and I no longer have to teach students on Tuesday and Thursday. Recently I’ve been getting back to working on the theme design, called Fourteen, I started a few months ago that I noted in the previous post. Though still a work-in-progress, it is finally at a point where I can use it. I applied the theme to my blog tonight and what you’re looking at is the fruit of labors (and love).

For this theme, I am aiming for the minamalist design. I started this project from the official TwentyFourteen theme and removed a lot of visual elements to make it clean and streamlined; thus the name Fourteen (shorter version of TwentyFourteen).

To make this theme, I spent a lot of time learning WordPress internals and CSS. The books I used as references as I develop this themes are Professional WordPress: Design and Development, and CSS3: The Missing Manual.

Overall I’m pleased with the simplicity of the theme. The code of this theme is hosted at