I was trying to uninstall MySQL Workbench from the Ubuntu 13.04 machine at school and accidentally corrupted the entire system.

I decided to re-install the system with Ubuntu 13.10. After the installation from USB, I naturally went ahead and install Cinnamon from official ppa. Unfortunately, Cinnamon 2.0 is very unpolished on 13.10. The interface is inconsistent and a mess (also the folder icons are very ugly color). Also I was unable to log into Unity (the desktop manager came with Ubuntu) after installing Cinnamon.

So I re-install again without Cinnamon. The thing I notice about 13.10 is that it’s default video driver is not compatible with my video card. After using it for a few minutes, it’d cause random freeze on my computer in which case I have to press my computer power button to turn off.

I have Dell Optiplex 960 with nVidia GeForce 9300 GE video card. I had to go into Ubuntu Software Center -> Edit menu -> Software Sources -> Additional Driver, and change from X.Org – Nouveau driver to NVIDA binary Xorg driver nvidia-319 (proprietary, test) driver. And no more freezes.