Today I went to the Auburn-Opelika Airshow at the Auburn Regional Airport. This is the first time I been to this small airport.

I went with my friend Chien-Chih Chen. We parked our car at Duck Samford baseball field parking (next to the old location of Church of Highlands). From there we took a free transit to the airport. The admission was $12 per person.

We saw many airplane acrobatics, different kinds of airplane, and several planes from World War 2. Unfortunately I do not know much about airplanes so I’m unable to identify the planes we saw. I know there was a fighter plane of the Railtails of Tuskegee Airmen.

We rode on a combat helicopter used in Vietnam War. There were 10 people on that helicopter. The doors were wide open. This is the first time I ride an helicopter. At the beginning, it feels like riding a roller-coaster and it was a little frightening. It became enjoyable at the end and I wish to ride it again.