I went to a Career Expo today at Auburn University Hotel. I truly enjoyed talking to recruiters of different companies and learn about the projects they are working on and also got some interesting souvenirs LOL.

Stupidly I only printed out 9 copies of my resume and at the end, I kind of ran our resume. The following are the companies and organizations I talked to today.

  1. WebFilings: the first representative I talked to. I’m not sure I talked to them except that I just arrived and a little disoriented. They do web-based business application possibly utilizing Google App Enigne.
  2. Adtran: they hire software engineer for embedded software for their equipment (routers, etc) and also test engineers. I got a earphone from them LOL
  3. Delaware Consulting: They do SharePoint design for different organizations. They have a little game of guess how many jellybeans in a jar (funny!).
  4. AT&T: they have internship positions national, but they are from the Atlanta office.
  5. TVA: Tennessee Valley Authority. I think everyone knows what they do. They are a government electricity management organization.
  6. American Buildings: they do visualization and design software for building construction.
  7. Bently Systems: they are just like Intergraph. They gave me a bag
  8. Metova: they develop mobile software on various platforms (iPhone, Android, Web). This really seems to be an interesting company. I got a whole bag of different things: a bag of chips, a bottle water, and a coozie
  9. NASA: they told me I am the only one they have talked at the time to have a specific qualification: PhD student with 4.0 GPA YES!!! They gave me some info about federal jobs. I got a NASA sticker and pin.