The new semester started on Jan 9, 2013. It’s a great start of new semester after having much fun taking a trip to West Virginia to ski (at Wisp), and celebrating Ne Year at Philadelphia. I was definitely refreshed at the beginning new year.

This is the second semester I work as teach assistant. I’m working for completely different class this semester. I’m working for two sections of COMP 2710 Software Construction. This is an undergraduate level course that basically teaches basics of software life cycle and C++. Section 1 is taught by Dr. Wei-Shinn Ku, and Section 2 is taught by Dr. Levent Yilmaz.

Dr. Yilmaz’s class seems to be more assignments (once a week), but easier to grade. I’ve also been enjoying batch compiling and running of submission using bash script. I should cover this in another post.

Other than TA, I’m not taking any graded courses since I’ve finished them all. I’m just taking 6 hours of COMP 8990 Research and Dissertation. Hopefully I can finish my PhD at the end of this year.