This is a post about the trip I took to Taiwan during June and July this year. I really should have made the entries as they occurred, but I guess I got lazy during the trip :)

This group who were on this trip include: my mother, June, Ann, Steve, and me.

June 21, 2010 (Thurs)

I set out from Auburn around 8 am CT to Montgomery for the first flight of the trip. The first flight is from Montgomery to Atlanta and the group that’s on it was my mom, June and me. Ann and Steve was on different flights from Pittsburgh on a later date.

Father drove and we arrived Montgomery Regional Airport around 11:30 am CT. Due to the correction of my name on my ticket, I was put on flights of earlier times. The time of departure of my first flight was at 1:28 pm, but mother and June’s first flight was at  3:25 pm CT (the next flight). After arriving the airport, a man working there helped us roll our luggages into the terminal and very quickly helped us checked-in to get our boarding passes to Los Angeles. We spent about an hour waiting for my flight and I boarded the first flight with mother and June waiting for the next flight.

I arrived Atlanta airport on time. I had Popeye’s chicken in the airport and boarded the flight to Los Angeles. Once again, mother and June was on a later flight.

After 6 hours of flight I arrived Los Angeles around 7:40 pm (PT). The next flight is at Friday 1:15 am PT so I have about 5 hours of waiting time at the airport. I didn’t have much to eat on the plane so I walked around in the airport looking for a place to eat. I found a pub restaurant that’s showing the Miami-Oklahoma City NBA Final. I decided not to eat there, but stayed to watch the game. Miami had a large lead in the game and ended up winning the championship that night (I was hoping Thunders would win).

I was supposed to meet with mother and June at LAX to get on the same flight. I wasn’t sure if I should wait them at the domestic terminal (where I watched the game) or go straight to the International terminal. I decided to go ahead to the International Terminal and checked in with China Airline, and had sushi there. Mother were scheduled to arrive LAX at 8:57 pm PT, but their flight was late and we finally got together around 11 pm PT. They quickly checked in and we went through security to get on the plane to cross the Pacific Ocean at Friday June 22 1:15 am PT.

The transpacific flight was 16 hours. I watched couple of movies and had a meal, but most of time I was napping. We soon arrived Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan at 7:25 am. We took another flight and arrived Kaohsiung Siaogang Airport around 8:30 AM (TW).

June 27, 2012 (Wed Taiwan Time)

Ann and Steve arrived Taiwan. Mother, June, 舅舅, 舅媽, and I arrived Kaohsiung Airport around 9:20 Am in the morning to pick them up (after quickly buying some fish at a traditional market). We arrived just in time and Ann and Steve came out of the border check shortly.

Since we only had one car, all the luggages were put in the car. 舅舅 and I drove the luggages back to our residence, and the rest of the people took the subway from Siaogang to Shihjia Station.