Due to its simplicity of design, I’ve decided to use SQLite on one of my web application project. The simplicity of SQLite means I can easily create multiple version of a database, such as a version for unit testing purposes, and when I need to move my database, all I have to do is copy the database file, since SQLite database is only ONE file.

I intend to write my web application on Mac OS X (using Yii Framework) therefore, I’m looking for a SQLite database management software, with which I can create/modify database, tables, and inspect data. One program that looks promising is the SQLite Administrator. Unfortunately it is for Windows, therefore I did not give it a try. These are the programs I tried:

  • MesaSQLite
  • Lita
  • sqlite3: official SQLite client, which surprisingly came with Mac OS X (I run 10.6.8).

For now I settled with sqlite3 since I find it most flexible and intuitive. For the other two, I find the UI for Lita is more intuitive than MesaSQLite. Also I’m able to open database created with sqlite3 using Lita, but unable to do so with MesaSQLite.