This environment is intended for my spatial RDF store project. The underlying triple store (rdf3xquery) runs on Ubuntu, and my spatial integration are written in C#.

The obvious choice to develop in C# on Ubuntu is to use Mono Framework and MonoDevelop. Mono is a cross-platform implementation of the CLI and .NET Framework, and MonDevelop is an IDE designed to use Mono Framework. I check MonoDevelop’s website for binary to install, but it appears the binary for Ubuntu is maintained by The following are the steps.

Update (3/31/2012): as of Ubuntu 12.04, MonoDevelop 2.8.3 is included in the official software repository; therefore, there is no need to add badgerport repository.

Step 1: Make sure Mono is install, as described here

Step 2: Add Repository URL

  1. Click on “System”, “Administration”, “Software Sources”.
  2. Click on the “Other Software” tab.
  3. Click on “Add…”, and enter the line: deb lucid main

Step 3: Install MonoDevelop in Software Center

The version of Ubuntu I use in this post is 10.04 (LTS), the version of Mono is, and MonoDevelop is