I’m setting up a PHP development environment on my Mac. I’d like to develop some web applications using the Yii Framework. I’m fairly new to PHP development. I’m looking for an environment that allow me to edit and debug my PHP scripts.

Zend Server CE Installation

I installed the development environment offered by Zend and found it to be one of the easiest environment to set up. The components are downloaded from http://www.zend.com/en/community/pdt. The following are the steps I took to install the environment:

  1. Download and install Eclipse PDT All-in-One
  2. Download and install Zend Server CE

After the steps I was able to debug PHP scripts.

It’s useful to add the two directories to path (to access mysql, for example):

  • usr/local/zend/bin
  • /usr/local/zend/mysql/bin

MySQL Setup

By default MySQL does not accept TCP/IP connection (only UNIX socket connections). To enable TCP/IP connection, comment out the line skip-networking from my.cnf (see below for the location of file).

Installation Details

Everything is installed at /usr/local/zend/.

Installed components follows: